How it works

The BOBO wireless recharge system, for smartphones, recharges all mobile devices without being connected to the electrical mains with a minimum capacity of 10 consecutive hours and without additional receivers or covers

About 80% of people in a public place have difficulty separating from their smartphone

One device / 4 recharge systems




Micro Usb




USB Type-C

Two simple Formats

Station for 5 recharges

Station for 10 recharges

Add another

The BOBO rechargers are inserted into the recharge box connecting it to the electrical mains. They recharge fully in 4/5 hours and are ready for use

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An ideal product for


Beach Establishments


Health Ad Beauty Centres



Who we are

GU Capital Srl is a company established in 2017 and consisting of a team of people who conceived and cooperated in producing the design: Filippo Guidi, Maurizio Guidi, Matteo Guidi and Paola Barni. Moreover, the company benefits from the contribution of the engineer and production manager, Marco Andreozzi, and the sales director for Italy, Giuliano Gai.
Our first product is called Bobo Recharge and is a unique universal wireless recharger.
The Bobo Recharge project is built on the awareness that smartphones and technological devices are playing an increasingly important role in our daily life. As a consequence, the batteries of all these devices need to be powered by an energy source, an obstacle easy to overcome when we are at home but a bit more difficult when we are in public places not supplied with our recharger. So we had the idea of offering public places a universal recharge service for their customers without the constraints of electrical cables and which can be applied anyway